Standard Solutions

Here are some examples of workshops that can be delivered “as is”, that is with minimal tailoring. These solutions allow costs are kept to a minimum whilst providing maximum value from an “off the shelf” package.

Sales 101

A basic introduction or refresher that details the seven stages of the sales process. It provides the basics that both new and experienced sales people can follow ensuring that all aspects of the sales process are covered at the right time.

Sales Health Assessment And Review Process

A powerful diagnostic tool enabling sales organisations to assess and increase their level of operational effectiveness and improve their overall ‘Go-To-Market’ performance.

Capability Alignment Profiling System

A highly effective process for identifying which capabilities will have the greatest impact on sales success. CAPS ensures that coaching and development is consistently tailored to the specific current needs of each individual salesperson. Increased levels of performance can be produced quickly and consistently.

Sales Opportunity Assessment And Review

An integrated methodology enabling sales teams to plan, compete and win more opportunities, more consistently and more profitably. SOAR provides a strategic dialogue that drives unparalleled communications between sales people, sales management and business partners.

Territory Assessment And Planning

TAP is a powerful account management process that prioritises accounts and creates sales opportunities and solutions that deliver compelling business value. TAP helps to build relationships with key decision makers and influencers as well as building more effective communication within the account team. TAP can deliver solid, lasting, commercial benefits and revenue.

We are able to provide workshops and consultancy around the world leading methodologies from The TAS Group. These include Target Account Selling (TAS), Enterprise Selling (ESP), Portfolio Management (PMP), Territory Management (TMP) and Sales Management (MSP) For more information on these methodologies, please visit

We can also offer workshops that provide solutions around the following topics:

  • Solution and Consultative Selling
  • Selling At the Executive Level
  • Effective Presentations
  • Time Management

Contact us for a discussion about these and other workshops