Coaching Process

  • Agree on Expectations
  • Observe Behaviour
  • Give Feedback
  • Agree on Action Plan

Process is what gets us through life. Most of the processes we use however have become intuitive or ingrained. Think about driving a car. Actually, you probably don’t and that’s the point. The process needed to get a vehicle moving in the right direction safely for any length of time is actually quite complicated but most of us don’t think about it now. But if you can, think back to the first time you drove a car. I guess it wasn’t that simple.

Business performance is no different. Without process achievement can be difficult and unpredictable. With process it becomes easier, less stressful and probably most importantly, more predictable. Issues are highlighted earlier and are therefore easier to deal with. Opportunities that you should not be pursuing are spotted before too much resource, ie cash, has been wasted.

We are able to offer process events and implementation consultancy based around

  • Sales Force Health
  • Prospecting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Deal Winning
  • Account Management
  • Territory and Portfolio Management
  • Sales Management

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