Behaviour revolves around two key areas, willingness or attitude and motivation. People who have the right attitude and willingness and are highly motivated need little management to perform to their highest potential. Chances are some of them are already doing so which is great. The trouble is, research shows that only 10% or less of your staff fall into this category at any one time which means 90% need help.

We provide events, one on one sessions and events based around motivation, coaching, re-training and supporting individuals to first recognise they need to change and then helping them implement those changes.

Our approach is simple. Young children learn by experimenting and social activity - playing! Our events revolve around real situations using real information but in a risk free environment. People get to “play” with the new tools and techniques so they become comfortable before using their new approach in their everyday working lives. Creating this environment provides valuable feedback and experience to take back to the workplace. People understand what they need to do differently. We don’t ask them to make major changes to the way they behave now. As we’ve said before it’s the small changes that make the big differences.

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