BroadReach has one aim: To increase the net revenue of the organisations with whom we work

We do this by encouraging your people to make small but significant changes to the way they work which lead to increased job satisfaction, increased productivity and thereby increased net revenue for your organisation.

How do we achieve this? Firstly we gain an understanding of your business and the challenges you face and then we :-

  • focus your people on making small changes to the way they work, because it’s the small changes that make the big differences.
  • suggest improvements to your processes that will enable your people to work smarter.

Typical approach

  • Decide you need some training
  • Look for and choose an “off the shelf” course
  • Run the course
  • Hope some of it sticks!
  • Regard the cost as a necessary evil

The BroadReach approach

  • Understand your business, your people and the challenges you all face
  • Jointly agree where the biggest improvements could be made
  • Run an event or workshop targeted at those specific areas
  • Monitor performance and coach individuals as they need it
  • Measure results of your investment against agreed criteria

We can’t achieve our aim merely by selling you courses. Once we understand your business, your culture, your people and the challenges they face we can then (and only then) develop solutions that improve the skills they have. We provide them with new skills and enable them to practise in a safe environment. We don’t look for that elusive "big bang shift".

We firmly believe that it is the small changes to the way people work both individually and as a team that make the big differences to the way in which they contribute to your business. When we have agreed with you the areas where change will make a difference, we will jointly agree what key performance indicators we aim to influence.

That way you will be able to see a return on investment for training rather than thinking of it as a cost!

To see how we could help your organisation, just click on the links on the left to get a flavour of what we can achieve around people’s behaviour, their skills and the processes that they use.

We look forward to working with you.